Hansen Storage CompanyHansen Storage located in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward

Many companies in the industry can make strong claims about service and know-how, but none in the metro-Milwaukee market can back it up with over 110 years of service. None, that is, except Hansen Storage.


Founded in 1904 by Theodore L. Hansen and led today by his descendants, Hansen Storage remains committed to meeting the current and future needs of our clients. Since the day a century ago when the company switched from processing hops and malt to providing warehousing services, Hansen Storage has had a visionary heritage of seeing where the industry is headed and what customers will need in the future.


Today that tradition translates into a logistics company that:

  • Is considered the leader in providing public and contract warehousing services in southeastern Wisconsin
  • Develops and leases commercial warehouse real estate for customers requiring as little as 6,000 square feet up to as much as 300,000 square feet
  • Owns and operates a fleet of trucks including both refrigerated and dry transportation trailers
  • Is driven to succeed by a team of professionals who lend their experience and expertise to providing the best service and the most innovative solutions for their customers

When it comes to moving your product through the network of transportation, storage and distribution, you deserve to work with a company that will put your needs first. You'll find that determination with Hansen Storage, where our honor is your guarantee.


Q. How can a business open an account with your company?
A. Please contact us any time via phone, e-mail or fax to request a credit application and product questionnaire.