When You Need Extra Storage for Business or Personal Items, Hansen Storage Is Your Storage Partner!  


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Storage Condos

Clearwater Lake Residents Have A Great Storage Option

Custom storage condos for personal or commercial use in Clearwater Lake, WI that provide long-term organizational answers. A storage condo is a custom storage building that you own rather than rent.


This quality storage building can be a valuable extension of your Clearwater Lake house or business. The building will be located in a storage community on common property with other similar structures. The property will be regulated by a common set of bylaws.


The condos inside can be customized to meet your personal needs, from storage of personal items, commercial equipment, or inventory to workspace for hobbies. Investing in a storage condominium will allow you to enjoy the benefits of owning property.


Your mortgage payment may be less than rent for a comparable space. Your property will be an asset that will increase in value. You will receive tax benefits such as depreciation and deductible interest. You will be in partnership with other owners who share pride in the storage community.


Download a brochure for our storage condo locations in Oneida county.

Storage Condos For Personal or Business Use near Clearwater Lake, WI